Ahead of season 2 (covering the first year and a bit of the BBC, from November 16th 1922 to December 31st 1923), here's a recap of season 1 - told by the people who were there: eleven broadcasting pioneers.


GUGLIELMO MARCONI: Inventor of 'wireless'

H.J. ROUND: First to send speech west across the Atlantic

PETER ECKERSLEY: First regular British radio broadcaster

WINIFRED SAYER: First woman on the radio, first professional radio performer

DAME NELLIE MELBA: First star broadcaster

ARTHUR BURROWS: First voice of the BBC

KENNETH WRIGHT: First director of the BBC in the North

JOHN REITH: First General Manager then Director General of the BBC

ERNIE MAYNE: First British novelty record about broadcasting 

HELENA MILLAIS: First broadcast character comedian 

A.E. THOMPSON: Second voice of the BBC




...who are a little more recent in terms of broadcasting.

Hear them on season 2 of the podcast, as we explore the first entertainers, the first staff, Magnet House, Savoy Hill, Women's Hour, the Radio Times, battles with the press and the government and much more.


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Season 2 soon...

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